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What furnishings are included in my apartment?

Twin-size beds: if you are bringing your own bed, we will remove ours. Any apartment with larger-sized beds will be noted in the apartment advertising. Each bedroom has a closet or clothes rack for hanging up clothes, and dresser or wardrobe. The living rooms have a couch. Kitchens have table and chairs OR some apartments are better suited to a coffee table. Our furnishings are generally 2nd- hand to help keep replacement costs down when they are damaged. Furniture you will want to bring with you – desk & chair, book or storage shelves, TV & entertainment center.

Window screens and blinds are not guaranteed.

Do you accept Financial Aid?

We offer 5 different payment plans. See the options at the end of the “Lease Sample”. The “Extended Plan” is best suited to work with Financial Aid disbursements, which arrive in mid-September and in mid-January.

There is always a June 1 payment due before your loan money comes in: but if you need to set up a customized payment plan toward this 1st payment, we will be glad to work out a plan with you.

What happens if one of my roommates doesn’t come back to school?

You are renting your house as a group, so as a group you are responsible for the total amount of the rent. So if you or one of your housemates will not be coming back to school, or has to leave during the term, here are your options:

  • Find another person to sublet their spot on the lease. We will help by advertising on our website, doing showings if you do not yet occupy the apartment; and by securing all the paperwork required to complete the sublease agreement.
  • The person who is not coming back agrees to pay the rent even though they aren’t living there.
  • The remaining people pay the higher rent amount to cover the portion of the person not coming back.
  • The security deposit of the person who needs out of the lease is applied toward the cost of our re-leasing services.

Why do my parents have to sign a Parent Guarantee form?

The Parent Guarantee form is like having a co-signer on the lease. Since you are a college student, you most likely don’t have much money. So if your financial aid doesn’t come through or for some other reason you are unable to pay the rent, we need to know they are backing you up.

What if cars without permits are taking up space in the lot?

Call the Tow Truck at 724-463-3851 and they will come and tow the cars that shouldn’t be there.

What if my car gets towed?

It’s been towed by Buggey’s Garage located at 500 Philadelphia St, Indiana, PA 15701. The phone number is 724-463-3851