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IUP Apartments Off-Campus cost SO much less than IUP housing ON campus. . .

and has apartments SO close as to be virtually ON CAMPUS.   Check out this house, for example:

820 Grant St. is located right next to the “Stacks.”  This 4 bedroom WHOLE HOUSE is ONLY $2900/sem. per each of 4, all utilities includes except cable/internet!

Right next door is a BRAND NEW, 5 bedroom -5-1/2 bath WHOLE HOUSE :  (see details> 915 Garman Ave. 

Spacious bedrooms!  Dishwasher, washer & dryer.  ALL NEW @ $3950/sem.per each of 5 includes all utilities but cable/internet.  Call 724-471-1234 to schedule your Tours!

IUP Apartments Everyone is Different, A Place for Every One!

From 5 bedroom whole houses, to 1 person efficiency apartments, OakGroveRealty 

every one of our apartments are different.  Not ONE cookie-cutter box unit with no character.  Many Victorian style houses around the center of IUP were converted into student housing way back since IUP still called itself a teacher’s college.  New is nice, but well-cared for character is cool.  Check out this link to our featured house of the week:  

828 Grant St.

Couldn’t be MORE on campus than if it were ON campus!  Only Apt. C , a 2 bedroom loft, is still available in this house at the time of this post.


And may I just say:


#IUPattys2018  !!

IUP Apartments For Rent, 1 to 5 bedroom, Close to Campus

499 S. 5th St. is our featured apartment January 30:  This duplex has 2 five bedroom apartments:  priced affordably for 3 to 5 tenants each.

$2500/sem. per each of 3;  $1950/sem. per each of 4;  ONLY $1500/sem. per each of 5!!  Heat and water included, tenants pay electric and cable.

This house could accommodate a group of 6 to 10 tenants.   Only 2-1/2  blocks to campus.

IUP Student Apartments Your ONLY Landlord with a STRICT POLICY on. . .. CHOCOLATE!

Chocolate Policy?  What’s that?  Well, we believe that Chocolate helps with EVERYTHING. .. so we try to BE like that!   Five different payment plans for each family to choose from, as everyone finances their college expenses in different ways.

All of our 200 apartments are different, virtually none the same.  We represent over 30 property owners houses, duplexes, triplexes, and some multi-unit apartment buildings.  Check out our Student Listings here! 

TODAY’S FEATURED HOUSE: See details at   259 s. 7th St.

TWO FIVE BEDROOM APARTMENTS  in this duplex,  across the street from the HUB.



IUP Apartments 2018-19 Jan. 25 Feature: Two FIVE bedroom apartments in this duplex, just ONE block to campus! $1750/sem. and $2500/sem.

This duplex has 2 five bedroom apartments, priced affordably for 3, 4, or 5 tenants!

399 S. 6th St. Apt 1 

Apt. 1 is ONLY $1750/sem. per each of 5; OR $2200/sem./per4; OR $2700/sem./per 3!!  Big yard, parking $125/sem.

399 S. 6th St. Apt. 2

Apt. 2 has the 2nd and 3rd floor of this house.  Bath & 1/2.   $2500/sem.per5;$2900/sem.per4

Heat & water included, tenants pay electric and cable/internet.  Not every college apartment has a big back yard!   Only a block to the HUB.




IUP Apartments @ ~ Practical pricing, less debt! As low as $1300/semester; Most under $2600/sem!

IUP Apartments with are priced about 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of IUP’s On-Campus Housing rates! 

Although freshmen are required to live in the dorms their 1st year, after that, COME OFF-CAMPUS!  SAVE MONEY!  Most of our apartments are within 2 blocks of campus.  Keep in mind that for every block you walk, your and your housemates will each save a few hundred dollars per semester. . .as prices decrease as you move further from campus.   Check out this deal for example, just 4 blocks to the HUB:

402-1 Water St. , 3 bdr ONLY $1750/sem.

Wow!  HUGE apartment, SO cheap! Use a student loan calculator such as to see that you’ll end up paying another $1905.00 in interest on each $5000.00 you borrow! (at 6.8% over 10 years.)



IUP Apartments are more affordable at! 2018-19 apartments as low as $1500/semester, average $2200! features PRACTICAL apartment choices!  We have low-cost efficiency units, as well as Whole HOUSES with all the Bells & Whistles!  Check our Student HomePage, it’s kept up-to-date on a daily basis. . . what you see is what there is, STILL available for next school year.  Welcome to TRANSFER STUDENTS! Check out our openings for this Spring Semester 2018.   OakGroveRealty takes pride in helping to keep college expenses under control!   We are a family owned & operated company, and we have put 7 of our own children through college. . . so we are closely conscious of the burdens of student loans.  We want to help you traverse your way through the complexities of the college experience. . . we keep it simple!


Find Your IUP Apartment w/ , win $50 ~ $100 Gift Cards!

Play to Win $50 ~$100 in our IUP Apartment Treasure Hunt Sweepstakes!

GO to our Student Rental page; review our listings, then GO on a Treasure Hunt to FIND FIVE apartments or houses!  . . . you can go by yourself, OR come Tour the apartments with us !  TAKE SELFIES in front, showing the property.  EMAIL your selfies to and you will be entered in our Thanksgiving drawing for a $50 Sheetz Gift Card!

All Treasure Hunt participants who ALSO sign a lease with us by December 13th will be entered in our Christmas drawing to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card !

IUP Apartments with LOW LOW prices, CLOSE to campus GET ’em while they last!

October 17th & we’ve already signed leases for nearly half of our 200 IUP apartments!  Our website is kept current & up to date, so what you see is STILL available . . .unlike and other sites, SO frustrating!  Our apartments are ALL different, no two alike – just like you!  OurOakGroveRealty student rentals range from as low as $1300/semester for an uptown 5 bedroom apartment 45 N. 6th $3950/semester for a spacious one bedroom  apartment just a block from the HUB  121 S. 8th St.

Our Residential Homes & Apartments for Rent 15701also range from efficiency apartments to full amenity houses.  Although most of our Residential inventory is rented through next summer, we still have a variety remaining available as we enter the (cough) winter months.

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