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Application Instructions for Student Housing

1. Each member of your group must complete the online application APPLY NOW on the property’s advertisement.

On your Application, Please identify the members in your roommate group by entering their names in the “Dependents” field.

2. DIRECT YOUR PARENTS or legal guardian to our website. They must print and complete the PARENTAL GUARANTEE, and return it with a photocopy or scan of their driver’s license or other valid ID.


If a competing group has “won the race” for the apartment you’ve applied for, your applications can be transferred to another apartment.

After all Applications and Guarantees are received, you will be contacted by email regarding your approval for lease signing. Only the Tenants will meet with us to sign the lease.

Review the LEASE SAMPLE in advance. It is provided so you and your Guarantors may ask any questions you have before signing.

Look over the RENT PAYMENT PLAN COMMITMENT that lists the different payment plans and due dates. You and your Guarantors need to select the payment plan that works best for you.

To lease signing, Tenants please bring your valid Driver’s License or state issued photo ID. International students need to bring passport.

You may pay your Security Deposit and Mattress Cover fee at lease signing,
or within 10 days.

We accept checks or money orders in our office; no cash or credit/debit cards.
After signing, you and your Guarantors will be able to set up your Tenant Portals to be able to pay online with e-checks.

Deposits are $300.00 for multi-tenant apartments.; or $400.00 for 1-person apts.
the Mattress Cover fee is $50.00.

Please be advised that if you make payments online with a credit card, the credit card company will charge “convenience fees.” However, you can pay online with the e-check option with NO added fees.

We will also review and collect:

Parking Permit Application, if applicable. If you are unsure if you are bringing a car, this can be completed at a later date. However, keep in mind that spaces are limited, and are distributed on a first-come, first served basis.

Furnishings Request Form: Tenants will indicate whether they are bringing their own bed, or accepting the bed that is provided.